The beauty of MyChart is I didn't have to wait for anyone to mail the (test) results. As soon as the doctor got the results, which was like in a day, then she just actually put it on MyChart. I could just log in and go straight to my report and it was so wonderful.

Rosalind Able

Patient of Dr. Owita Mays
Baptist Medical Group-Collierville Internal Medicine

A feature of Epic that saves time and phone calls is MyChart.  As a patient, my lab tests and procedure results are available to me in a secure, on-line tool soon after the procedure is completed. That saves both the doctor’s office and the patient phone calls to discuss results of routine testing.

Sean Nelson

Executive Metro Market director,
Baptist Medical Group, Baptist Memorial Health Care

I got test results through MyChart rather than in the mail and I may have, in the past, had to request that they be sent. MyChart also makes it easy to email to and from the physician's office. I have not yet asked for a prescription to be renewed through MyChart, but certainly will when I need a renewal. My physician's nurse made it very easy to get signed up for MyChart.

Joe Saupe

Father of Baptist Memphis neuroservices administrator Julie Horn

Baptist OneCare© has transformed the way we deliver care at Baptist. The Baptist OneCare team is playing a pivotal role in launching Baptist into our next century of care.

Beverly Jordan

Vice President and Chief Clinical Transformation Officer,
Baptist Memorial Health Care

As both a caregiver and a patient with experience using Epic, I can say that it is a tool that makes the clinicians’ jobs easier and visits to the doctor and hospital less complicated. Because Epic’s medical records crosses all care settings, from primary care to specialists, to hospitals and emergency departments, there is no need to transfer records from one provider to another or to recall each surgery and hospitalization. All of that information is at the fingertips of the physicians and caregivers in the health system.

Missy Nelson

Assistant Administrator at Baptist Women’s Hospital,
Baptist Memorial Health Care

MyChart for Patients

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