Baptist OneCare for Physicians

Baptist OneCare©, powered by Epic Systems, gives physicians and other providers a way to use technology to provide safer, more accurate, and more convenient care to patients, while also meeting new federal mandates in health care law.

Through MyChart and Baptist OneCare Link, helping ensure that correct medications are prescribed, ensuring that correct medications are prescribed, allergy and medication indications are available, and diagnostic test results are handled seamlessly and privately.

Clinical Practice Model

Clinical practice guidelines (CPG) have been designed for nurses and other health care givers to provide safe, consistent and standardized patient care as they implement physician orders, policies and protocols based on the latest evidence.

These guidelines are used to minimize variance, improve outcomes and reduce liability associated with missed diagnosis or treatment information. Content is updated every six months by Elsevier® based on the latest evidence, but is not intended as a replacement for physician orders, policies or protocols. Clinical practice guidelines, when combined with evidence-based and best practice standardized physician order sets, provide a proven means for minimizing variance and improving outcomes resulting in the optimal patient experience.

Physician Convenience

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