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While nothing can replace the personalized care of your physician, it's a good idea to keep yourself informed about your own health. Baptist provides many different health tools and assessments to educate yourself on general health topics.

UpToDate Health Information

Baptist Memorial Health Care has partnered with UpToDate to provide you with the accurate health information you’re looking for. UpToDate is an evidence-based, physician-authored resource with more than 23 specialties and 10,500 topic reviews.


Baptist Memorial health podcastsStay connected to the latest health information through free My Health Break to Go podcasts.

If you are on the go, our series of free health and exercise MP3 podcasts is a perfect way for you to stay connected to the latest health information.

Health Resources and Assessments

Baptist Memorial health resources and assessmentsBaptist Medication Card- If you were in an emergency situation, are you sure you could remember the name of each prescription you’re taking? What if you were unconscious? This is why you need a medication record card

Real Healthy Nutrition for Real People - One month of 30-minute, low-fat meals anyone can prepare.

Healthy Holiday Food Tips & Recipes - These healthy recipes and delicious appetizers can help you focus on good nutrition over the holidays.

Baptist on Television

Smart MedicineBaptist is the underwriting sponsor of a monthly health newsmagazine show on WKNO-TV Channel. Hosted by news anchor Joe Birch, the news program features various Mid-South medical and health experts discussing the latest health news and services available in the area.

Hundreds of health stories from WKNO's Smart Medicine show are available at the BMHCC channel on YouTube.

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