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WKNO-TV Channel 10's Smart Medicine demonstrates how to choose a hospital

Choosing a Hospital

On the surface, hospitals are very similar: doctors and nurses rushing to deliver aid, high-tech equipment monitoring the vital signs of patients and medications on hand to treat just about any illness. But, while hospitals have many similarities, they’re not all the same. And it’s up to you to make an informed choice. Watch this story presented on WKNO-TV Channel 10's Smart Medicine show to learn how.

Compassionate care, award-winning services, leading-edge technology, renowned physicians, access to groundbreaking research...

All closer to home.

At Baptist Memorial Health Care, families can rely on some of the best treatment services available in the Mid-South. With 14 hospitals and an array of home care and hospice agencies, minor medical clinics, behavioral health programs and a network of surgery, rehabilitation and other outpatient centers, we are committed to addressing the health care needs of our communities - and all closer to home than ever. Regardless of age or health issue, patients can expect high-quality, individualized care from our staff coupled with leading-edge technology in a safe, comfortable environment.

Why Choose BaptistConsistently ranked among the top hospitals and health systems in the nation, the Baptist Memorial Health Care system offers highly trained professionals to meet the needs of the communities we serve. Members of the Baptist Clinical Research Center team, who are available for inpatient or outpatient studies 24 hours a day, provide support to those wanting to benefit from the latest advances in medical treatment. Our network of more than 2,700 physician providers in 34 specialties is available to give skilled care to Baptist patients. And Baptist nurses are consistently named among the best in the region. Because we believe in the total care of patients, our Pastoral Care department concentrates on the spiritual needs of our patients.

A not-for-profit organization and community partner since 1912, Baptist spends millions each year reinvesting in and caring for the community through projects promoting community health. Camp Good Grief, the first children's grief camp in the Mid-South, is one of the many ways Baptist gives back to the communities we serve. Other efforts include free flu shot events; food drives; free health and wellness fairs and screenings; and partnerships with and support of schools and other charitable, non-profit organizations in the communities we serve, such as the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

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